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Nicola Pesce Editore was born back in 2002, founded by Nicola Pesce, minor at that time. However, nothing was published before 19th April 2004, officially sets as the date of publishing house’s birth, when «Underground Press» magazine No.1 was released.

Printed in 120 copies, although unnumbered, it had a red painted stripe on its cover hand-tinted on every single copy.

The letter of the publisher Francesco Coniglio is a very dear memory of that year, since he sent a check to encourage “the enterprising spirit and the humble and passionate tone” of that very young publisher. Nicola Pesce wrote, paged up and printed overnight the various magazine issues every month throughout the 2004 and 2005, with a printer still kept in the publishing house’s office: the only investment at the base of NPE.

In those first two years – typified, like all those to come, by his brother Amedeo support and encouragement – many authors approached to the publishing house, beginner at the time who actively work even now: Luca “Pierz” Piersantelli, Lucio Perrimezzi, Angelo Zabaglio and Roberto Ferraresi, to name but a few.

A special thanks to the artist Rolando Cicatelli, who supported the «Underground Press» magazine for free, never backing down with his extraordinary drawings.


In 2005, Nicola Pesce’s father died, so he found himself, at the age of 21, together with his brother not so much older, having to manage a more difficult economic and legal situation not solved yet.

Thus began the years when the magazine publication stopped and the publishing house choices were entrusted to Niccolò Storai first, for a short while, and to Perissinotto-Trevisanello-Longhi “triumvirate” then, with which the first typographical volumes came to light.


The most important moment of the first ten years of the publishing house history was when managing editor role was played by Andrea Mazzotta, in the late summer of 2009.

In this guise, until the end of 2012, Andrea sketched out the really first NPE’s editorial approach, bringing in precept as authorship, elegance and volumes’ care.


Passion paid off, so in the last fifteen years the editorial staff has been enriched by the presence of Stefano Romanini (editor-in-chief and press officer), Angelo Zabaglio (logistics and fairs manager) and Valeria Morelli (service and editorial coordinator). Editorial policy was defined in a clearer way. The publication of Mangio Ergo Sum, the late Bud Spencer’s last novel, the resurgence of Rambo – Primo Sangue years later, the book by which Stallone was inspired to the namesake movie series, in addition to Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and The graveyard book, they represent, along with the essays series (Eccetto Topolino, I Disney Italiani, Le grandi Parodie Disney, Graphic Novel – Il fumetto spiegato a mio padre, Dylan Dog & Sherlock Holmes: indagare l’incubo are just some of the titles made at that time) the editorial work flagship of Edizioni NPE until 2016.

At the end of 2016 was launched “Dino Battaglia”, the first series dedicated to the Italian comics masters. A few months later, this wonderful series, never appeared in bookstores before, was followed by further series such as “Sergio Toppi”, “Attilio Micheluzzi”, “Ivo Milazzo”, “Sergio Tisselli”, “Miguel Ángel Martín”, “Koren Shadmi” and “Gianni De Luca” (first released in 2019).

To this publications, since the end of 2017, were soon added the Horror series (focused on comics adaptations of the main terror works, including volumes dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft stories) and Cinema, together with essays which examined the most contemporary cinema director and cinema universe in general.

The announcement of the complete works publication of Sergio Toppi, Dino Battaglia, Attilio Micheluzzi, Gianni De Luca, Miguel Ángel Martín, Koren Shadmi, Sergio Tisselli and more other authors to be announced, it allowed to adopt what now is the official Edizioni NPE slogan: “The art comics publisher”.

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